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How to take care of a sick ESA cat? – 2022 Guide


What to do if your cat feels sick and is not in its best health days? Now, the question may be lingering in your mind as to how you should take care of your ESA cats when they get sick. Animals are very sensitive and cannot bear the changing body temperature and allergies most of the time. Therefore, you have to be extra careful with them. The same criteria go for the emotional support animal letter as well as they demand your care and attention too. So, for your ESA cats, you have to remember a few things when they are sick. If your cat is sick, do not worry, as I am here to give you some tips on how to take good care of your cat. So let’s buckle up our seats and learn something important.



Well, it’s a difficult question to answer, especially when you do not have any knowledge about cats and their days of illness. Of course, you cannot take care of them as you do for your children since their mechanisms are totally different, and you have to do what suits their body and temperature.


Do Not Apply your own Medication


What mistakes do we normally make when we are sick? 


Of course, we take our own medication and apply some home remedies even though the doctors strictly prohibit it. Therefore, it is important to know that we cannot apply our self-knowledge to cats because we do not know much about their mechanism and body system, which can prove to be very dangerous. Ignoring the severe symptoms of the cat and being dependent on the medication solely can be harmful to it.


Check with the Vet ASAP


Do not ignore even the minor disease symptoms of your cat folks. Do not make a small mistake which can lead to disastrous outcomes. Remember, your cats are very sensitive, and ignoring their disease symptoms, especially diarrhea can prove very dangerous. Take them instantly to the Vet or call them at home for a proper checkup. Your Vet will check the symptoms and suggest medication which will make your cat feel a lot better.


Keep your Cat Warm


Due to the convalescence, your cat needs warm space so that her body can recover quickly. Therefore, you have to set up a warm and good place for your cat. If possible, wrap them in a dry warm towel or use some extra heating source such as a heating pad, a heat lump, or a hot water bottle. However, be careful to not make the heating process extreme as it is not good for the cat and make it feel restless. Keep the heating system moderate and bearable for the cat. Before taking an ESA letter, you can get all this information from the vet so that it can help you if your cat gets sick. Also, do not make a lot of noise or disturb your cat repeatedly as they need a peaceful space to rest.


Keep the Litter Box near Your Cat


Your cat loses all her strength and energy when she gets sick. Therefore,  you should try to arrange a litter box or plate at a small walking distance. Keep the sides lower so that it is easy for the cat to climb into it which is not painful for her ailing body.


If your cat’s litter box can not be mended, you may consider making a new one with some cardboard or plastic, or you can even buy a new one. Do not hesitate to spend money on the cat because your emotional support animal is worth your care.


Monitor the Water and Food Intake of your cat

Mostly when cats get sick, they stop eating or drinking water which drains more energy out of their body.


Since it happens with every cat, your cat will behave like this too when it gets sick. So, before getting an esa letter for housing and taking your cat, you have to know what is the normal portion of food and water they take, so that if they get sick, you know how much food they take and how much you still have to give them. Recording the food intake of your cat is very important for the recovery of your cat. Do not procrastinate in giving them food and extra fluid things, but do not try to force them to eat as well.


Do not Stop Grooming Session of Your Cat


Sick cats do not self-groom and can look like a real mess when they get sick.


So, you should never stop the grooming session of your cats. Brush their hair daily, check their paws and clean them with warm water. Clean their eyes and remove the hair that is already shedding from their body. It will make them feel better and you will be happy since you are helping your cat through grooming. Sick cats make the owner sad too as they have a special attachment with their ESA pets. For more information, do visit myesaletter.net.


Therefore, in order to avoid gloomy feelings  to help your cats, you have to take extra care of them to make them feel better. For this, you can utilize the points that I have mentioned, take suggestions from your vet and your cat will get better soon. Most importantly, do not lose hope and do anything required to make your cat better. 


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